Interview: Quick 5 with Gold Route

goldrouteGold Route are a rock band based in Detroit, MI. They recently released their debut album, ‘Prosper’, and are taking their show on the road this year in full force. I was able to ask their vocalist Sean Hazen five questions about their future. Below you’ll find insight into what the band has going on this coming year.

Q. What can fans expect from you in the next couple of years? Where do you want to be as artists and performers?

A. I’ve always only thought about 6 months ahead, but I expect that we’ll be trying to stay consistent with playing shows and hitting new cities. Right now, for us, is about pushing the album as much as possible. I think by the end of the next couple years we will come away with it with some new perspective and some new things to write about.

Q. What sacrifices do you make to continue the band? How do you see these sacrifices a trade for something better in the future?

A. I’ll start by saying that I feel fortunate to be able to even be where we are now, and to be able to get up and play in front of anyone at all. Every committed musician makes sacrifices, and I think for us giving up college, making job changes and just the constant grind has been our biggest sacrifices as a whole. We’ve really jumped head-first into this without knowing if it will pan out, but I think that was necessary to bring us together and make us tighter as a group. For me personally, I know that I’ve really put my whole self into music since a young age and often times that has left friends and family very frustrated with me. This life path has taken up an immense amount of my time and energy that has been spread thinly elsewhere in my life; namely, among friendships and relationships.

Q. How do you define success? How will you reach this point as a band?

A. I think anyone who speaks honestly with their art and connects with other people because of it is successful. With that being said, we live in a apathetic and money-driven world, so there are multiple levels to it. For us as a band, I always want to maintain the core of what we are doing and why we are doing it no matter what level of success we achieve. Any band who puts out great songs and works hard at playing to new people will undoubtedly reach some level of success, and I think that’s been our simple approach so far.

Q. What advice can you give to other artists?

A. I’m not sure what advice I can give, as I’m also still learning as I go, but like I said before – just be honest. Don’t try to cut corners and make sure you surround yourself with genuine people. Have a healthy level of skepticism about others but allow them to surprise you. Social and music circles can be very small and life is too short to get caught up in petty nonsense. Build up other musicians that you believe in and just focus on putting out your best work.

Q. Streaming owns everything right now. How are you seeing the access economy change the landscape of the music industry? How will you stay competitive?

A. I think it’s been a great way to get music out to people all over the world, but my goal is to make those streams become something tangible in the future. It’s exciting to witness the numbers rising and know that people are listening, but for me nothing is better than seeing people I’ve never met come out to these shows and sing the words. I think the best way to stay competitive is to not worry about competition. Focusing in on our own style and working on putting out quality music is probably the best way for us to stay on the radar and to keep people listening.

Take a listen to Gold Route’s new album below. You can find the band’s tour dates here.